Steam Carriage

This was an experiment to see how close I could get to an original.
Here is the original (made in 1874)and my final version. This was where I learned about using Subdivision surfacing and creases to make a really good shape.
I left it at this point since I don't have a use for it. Maybe I'll add more detail later if I find one.

Water tap

This is an example of using Booleans to make a complex shape.
I made it originally for the Gas Station.


The Gas Station

This is something that I originally made in the 90's on a Mac II but I didn't have the software to finish it at the time: things like the hoses just couldn't be done. Now after some years I thought it a good exercise to complete it as it was originally designed using Blender.

P-39 Aircobra

This was my second Blender model. I tried various textures on it: this has a bump map for the panel lines and image maps for the whole thing.

Space Cargo Ship

A small space container ship undergoing braking maneuvers in the Pleiades.

This was made in May 2009.