S.C.M. update

This is the final design of the Space Container Mover. As you can see a lot of work has gone into it since the previous version (scroll down to see).
I am in the process of making up the paintwork. This will be more complex to paint than the Racer since parts overhang each other so I have split it into a few parts.
I plan to Texpaint the whole thing this time apart from the obvious exceptions such as glass.


Space Racer

I made this for a short film being made by Shawn who is doing a film course at OCCC.

It took a lot of texture painting to get the weathered, fading-paint look but I enjoyed it.


Free Traders

I made these to help out "Spacegamer", someone on the Blender Underground forum. They are spacecraft from a game and the designs were provided. I made both meshes last year but I made a texture paint tutorial with the "Beowulf" over the last couple of days and got some good results.

This is the L.A.S.T. model, no texture.

This the Beowulf model with  weird texture.
As an exercise in texture painting, it went really well.