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For a while now I have been collecting excellent designs, artwork and photos from Scott Lowther's excellent Aerospace Projects Review Blog.
Plans and so on for many amazing flying things I remember reading about can be found on Scott's site, including spacereaft. You relaly have to see some of these designs to beleive them.
 In other posts I have commented on how preposterous fictional aircraft and spaceships annoy me because they don't even look like they would work: well, if you really want to make something that at least LOOKS like it would fly, check out the designs here, from real Aerospace companies.  I have just become a sponspor for Scott and it's worth it if you are a fan of all that sort of thing: for $5 a month you get all the goodies, actually a better deal than paying for each item alone.

This is the RYNO and it is real. Yup. The only problem is that you can't drive it legally faster than a segway even though it is capable of a lot more. The bar at the front is so you can tip it forward and rest the bar on theground when it is parked. It runs on batteries and (of course) has stabilising gyros.
About the only thing more awesome would be to have a model that folded into a small, hand-carry package.  . . . . but then they are probably working on that right now.


Update April 2014

It looks like Google Drive is working fine as a store for my files so more will be going there soon.
Please note that all comments etc. should now be posted as comments here. I no longer use LiveJournal and Blender Underground seems to be gone.  I occasionally look around Blender Artists but if you want to see my latest work the place to look is Renderosity where my username is Prof_Null.  I still use Blender plenty but mostly it is for models that are then imported into DAZ Studio. IF you want help with using Blender or DAZ Studio, just ask, but remember I am still learning too.

My Blender Guides

I have now stored my Blender Guides on Google Drive. This is experimental, please note, but here they are.  They were made for use with Blender 2.49 but will still work with newer versions.

Basic Texture Painting Part 1 

Basic Texture Painting Part 2

Advanced Texture Painting
At the moment I have not found a better texture painting tool than Blender 2.49 which is what was used for the three Texture Painting Documents. This is not good: either I have not figured out how to do the same in newer software or it can't be done the same way. 

Profile Modelling
The Profile Modelling tute is still valid:  although the current version certainly a greatly improved bevel tool, the internal/external combination will still not bevel properly using the automatic bevel. 

Complex Corner Radius
There may be some "new, easy way" to make a radiused join between two pipes of different diameters but I haven't seen it. Here is how to do it by hand.

If you have comments or complaints about thesse please let me know and I will fix them.


The AT Transformer

Since I posted about the ATX competition a while back I thought it interesting to post about this: it prety much covers the ATX requirement but in my opinion  it does it better than my design or any of the competing designs presented by other Aerospace firms.
Here is the AT company's page.
The design has the following advantages:
1. Multiple lift engines so that failure of a few will not send the vehicle down immediately.
2. Simple flight control system: no helicopter type cyclic pitch controls, just a throttle for each engine.
3. Simple folding lift engines with a strong structure.
4. Big cargo capacity, larger than the ATX requirement.
you can se the idea came from quadrotor drones available but the idea is a darn good one.
I expect to see this design being manufactured for the military real soon now. 
Hats off to Advanced Tactics !