Mobile Home 2

Here is the second version.
Sorry about the quality, it really is ancient and you can see where the sticky tape held the pages together.  This time I made sure that you could walk upright in the back of it and although you can see the similarity to version one, it is much bigger. the spoiler-like thing under the front looks a bit tacked on now. the whole side of this one was designed to slide out and make a fair sized living space in the middle area.

Mobile Home 1, circa 1974

This was my first attempt to design a mobile home that didn't look like an overinflated van or a box on wheels.  Among other things it featured four front driven wheels, a truly huge windscreen and nice big bumpers for crash absorbing. Built in jacks would extend for parking and parts of it would expand to provide more room.

The weight of that huge windscreen was on my mind so I thought maybe you would have a second real safety glass one inside at a more reasonable size and angle, and the outer one would be lighter, thinner plastic just for the aerodynamic sleekness.

As you can see it was drawn on the center two pages from an exercise book as all my early drawings were. Unfortunately most of my early drawings are long lost, although some were sold to a friend on the schoolbus !

After careful consideration I reasoned that this vehicle would really be too small to live in so I started design work on a bigger machine, which will be seen next post.