Fractals in 3D part 3

My greatest annoyance is that the original images just never seem to have enough detail ! If I had the patience I might try to slice the original up into layers and fudge in the hidden detail so that it could be constructed as a whole multi-layer 3D solid - but there just isn't the time to do that. Maybe some fractal whiz can write a script that would draw just one layer of this at a time. I layered 3 variations on the same design and coloured them differently to get the final image.

Fractals in 3D part 2

This was an idea I had for making fractal furniture: this would be two table legs.
Of course, it has the same surface effect as previously noted but also as the detail gets smaller in the focii things blob out - still regardless of that, it would make some pretty unique furniture and you could cut the shapes on CNC equipment. Since the shapes are purely math, in theory the CNC could cut very, very fine detail.

Fractals in 3D

Here are some of my experiments taking fractal images and converting them into 3D solids.
First, the original fractal made in Fracture reduced to greyscale and you can see it is all smooth grads.
Below that is what it looks like when imported into Bryce 6. You can see that the smooth grads become stepped.


The Hammer

This was my first try at copying a real object onscreen in 3D. I used textures made from photos to get closer to realism.