The AT Transformer

Since I posted about the ATX competition a while back I thought it interesting to post about this: it prety much covers the ATX requirement but in my opinion  it does it better than my design or any of the competing designs presented by other Aerospace firms.
Here is the AT company's page.
The design has the following advantages:
1. Multiple lift engines so that failure of a few will not send the vehicle down immediately.
2. Simple flight control system: no helicopter type cyclic pitch controls, just a throttle for each engine.
3. Simple folding lift engines with a strong structure.
4. Big cargo capacity, larger than the ATX requirement.
you can se the idea came from quadrotor drones available but the idea is a darn good one.
I expect to see this design being manufactured for the military real soon now. 
Hats off to Advanced Tactics !

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