The Golden Android Completion

Well that's about it for TGA. I will do a couple of epilogue-type pages to finish off and the obligatory credits page (lots of fine print no doubt!) but the main story is done.

 It started out as an experiment and I am happy with the results (well, mostly):
- Organisation for a big project was tested and refined
- New models and content were added and their use figured out and proven
- I almost managed to eliminate zaggies completely (They are EVIL!)
- Despite not having a complete written script I made (I hope) a coherent story
- I pushed the system and software to the point where I had 22 characters in one scene and it all rendered fine (The dance scenes p.36)
- I learned a lot about lighting scenes and how to get acceptable results.

So what now?
I am still thinking about an animated feature  . . . . but probably the next work be still again - it will be scripted, and models/sets/props will all be found or made before starting as opposed to the casual approach of the first production.  This also creates problems of course: it might seem hard to believe if you look at the sites selling content, but there is a serious shortage of good content when you want to make something big. It's fine for a short or a small zoned story but when you get bigger you need more and more sets and props and there just never seems to be quite enough - you can't use the same actor, prop or set in different places. 

Then again there is quite a lot of what I regard as crappy models - things that (for me, at least) just destroy the storyline when they appear. I could provide examples but I don't want to annoy anyone else. Some of the models I used had problems which I either fixed or worked around but at least they looked acceptable.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or critique to offer I am happy to hear it.
Either post it in the comments for this blog or send it via any of my webpages - here, DeviantArt (see link previous post) or Renderosity (same).

Irena in Intercessor outfit (P.49)

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