The Golden Android

Just in case you haven't found it yet, here is the link to my current project, "The Golden Android", a graphic novel made using DAZ Studio 4.6 for rendering and some models made in Blender.

Most of the models are purchased but there is still a lot of work combining and modding them to get the required results: if I had to do it all myself it would never get done. Personally I like the people at Renderosity and DAZ who make all the content and provide it very cheaply - and you can even ask for models.

The layouts were done in a newish app called Acorn which has turned out to be very good and much cheaper than Photoshop yet it has the pen tools missing from PS that you need to do a proper job.

The link takes you to my DeviantART page, the content is the same as at Renderosity but at DA you don't need to log in to read the pages. On the other hand, no-one at DA seems to be reading it wheras at Renderosity I have a few regular followers.

Abby, looking annoyed on page 13.

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