Aircar 2: The Cutlass

This is the Cutlass. It's kind of a sketch at the moment, but the basic ideas have been with me for many years.  The main element of the design is that the props suck air from the top of the plane to increase lift as much as possible for short takeoff.  As an Aircar it also has the advantage of  a large cabin area. The propellers are variable pitch and they can be feathered for improved gliding.

Here is the back end with most of the flaps and the props. Ideally the engine would be electric but I am not sure battery technology has got good enough for one of these.

The underside. The rear wheels are covered but the front ones can be retracted completely.
Hieght adjusters on all the wheels may be needed to get liftoff, but that is easy to do since you need roadworthy suspension anyway.

Here it is parked with outer wings folded. This is only a sketch, which is why the window edge looks odd.

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