Some Solid Works

I made this from flat sheets of cardboard and it took a bit of work to get the parts to meet up nicely. The visor opens on hinges and although it might not look like it you can see very well from inside. There's plenty of room inside for all sorts of extra stuff too. Having worked out the method of making compound objects from sheet cardboard I could do it much faster now. In some places e.g. the bottom ring it's four or five layers thick so it's pretty strong -
I've even dropped it once or twice and it hasn't dented.

Mark VII Blaster
This was patched together out of junk I had lying around at the time including an old game controller for the handgrip.
It has a purple light and a noise circuit that run off batteries in the handle. the switch on the  side changes the noises it makes. The small speaker inside adds a bit of realistic weight to it so it feels about right to hold.
The blue section is a removable charge cartridge that plugs in - presumably there would be different cartridges for  various  types of "blast".
This kind of thing is a real challenge to get right - to get it looking like it was made that way.
It seems to have collected dust and grime that really add to the realism.

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