Getting Technical with USB Type C

I'm sure I already posted about this once, but I can't find the post . . . . . never mind . . . . .

A new USB cable is born:
This is the USB Type C connector and plug. It is NOT compatible with existing USB plugs and it has 24 contacts. It will work with the recent USB 3.1 standard and is smaller than the existing USB A  and B plugs.  . . . . . but the big news for me is IT'S REVERSIBLE.

I am puzzled as to why this amazing development took so long to be implemented: in retrospect, it seems so bleeding obvious that
EITHER you make a plug that visibly ONLY goes into the socket one way (and USB A is notorious for causing fumbling because it is NOT clear which way up it goes into the socket) -
OR you make a plug that  doesn't care, a much simpler prospect from the user's point of view . . . .  

Well, you know the routine: soon we will all be using this one.  No, you don't really have a choice.

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