A Self Repairing Linear Actuator

Warning : technical waffle enclosed. 

I have invented a linear servo that can recover from overloads and reset itself after being overloaded. The design is pretty simple once you get the idea but I will not detail it here until I have checked out the possibility of getting it made or at least some sort of sale of the idea . . . but I'm not holding my breath because ther are so many patents and such for mechanical devices that it might already have been patented by someone else - which is where things get messy:
Unless I tell someone who understands it, the idea cannot be researched - but as soon as I tell someone else there may be no way to keep it under control as in get a little credit for my invention.

The idea is definitely one that would be useful in robotics and machinery in general since normally what happens when a servo is overloaded is that it is broken. End of story, replace broken unit.

My servo device can be triggered with a special function that will reset it once the overload is removed and the servo can then recover and work exactly as previously.  The device can also be programmed with a limited slip feature so that some of the linear force applied to it will be absorbed elastically in a controlled manner.

It also has the ability to adjust it's power according to the force it pushes against although this is not a great variable, it could be very useful in certain circumstances.

I cannot find anything like it using Google search so that is one step in the right direction . . . . . . .

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