Real World Robots

Recently I have heard people I work with saying silly things about robots, such as the fear that they will take all our jobs or worse still turn into Terminators and kill us all.

I could go into a detailed explanation about why this is not so, the real threat is the humans who program and command the robots, but the best thing to do is show you, so here it is:
Part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015 which features the best robots anyone on earth can build doing things that are really hard for robots:
driving a car, going through a door, identifying random objects in their way and removing them, and walking without falling down. Okay, falling down and getting up again.

The video is mostly boring as heck because there is a lot of time spent by the crews to set up their robots and fix the bits that go wrong and so on.  Nope, they won't be taking over anything in a hurry.

Watch ( if you don't fall asleep) and be grateful that copying a human being is so very, very difficult for robots.  Make no mistake, I admire these guys for putting so much work into their machines, but you can see that there is so much more to do.

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